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Welcome Bay County Geographical Unit!

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Bay County begins a geographical unit of the LWV

How to Join the Bay County Geographical Unit

The Midland League of Women Voters is sponsoring a Bay County geographical unit of the League of Women Voters. A group of Bay County people hope to form their own LWV, but to become a full-fledged LWV, the group must first form a geographical unit with a sponsoring League. The Midland Area LWV agreed to be that sponsoring League. We will mentor them by helping them with background League procedures while they increase their membership and set up programs. Voters' service information for Bay County is one of their highest priorities.

We are delighted to have the Bay County League members as part of our League while they work to become an independent LWV. Their leader will be a member of our board and we will include their activities and progress on our website.

Keep watching this site for the progress of the League of Women Voters geographical unit in Bay County!

For more information or to join the Bay County geographical unit, call or email: Pam Saddler: 989-326-3692;

Calendar of Bay County LWV

October 26 6:30 p.m. at Wirt Library

Meet with James Barcia, Bay County Executive and learn about,the fiscal health and plans of our county on October 26 from 6:30 - 7:30 pm at Wirt library. This Public Service Meeting will be hosted by the LWV of Bay County, a unit of the LWV of the Midland Area. Mr. Barcia will be available for questions and comments as well. Please forward this message to friends, family and prospective members. Looking forward to seeing everyone again after a beautiful summer.

Pam Saddler, 989-326-3692;

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Bay City Commissioner Ward 1

Jesse Dockett Christopher Greenleaf

Bay City Commissioner Ward 3

Dennis Banaszak Andrew Niedzinski

Bay City Commissioner Ward 5

Rachelle Hilliker Forrest Robison

Bay City Commissioner Ward 7

Kerice Basmadjian

Bay City Commissioner Ward 9

Cordal D. Morris

City of Essexville City Council (vote for two)

Dennis Rondeau

Russell Tanner

Keith Wetters

City of Essexville City Council Partial Term

Adam Hughes